A Bug & A Wish

I-Statements are something that everyone could practice using-not just children. I-Statements force the person to take responsibility for their feelings instead of blaming others and they can reduce conflict because of the less hostile nature in which they are presented.

I-Statements usually work like this: I feel (state emotion) When you (describe under what conditions you feel this way) Because (explain why those conditions make you feel this way).

Even though “A Bug and a Wish” isn’t a real I-Statement, I think it is a great way to introduce the idea to small children (K-2nd) as well as help them offer a suggestion to solve a conflict. Karen Scheuer wrote “A Bug and a Wish” which uses the phrase:

“It bugs me when you _____ I wish you would _____.”

It would be nice to pass out a “Bug and Wish” card to each student to coach them through their responses. To further enforce this idea and phrase in a classroom lesson, the school counselor can create a list of scenarios and have each student offer a “Bug and Wish” response to a scenario.

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Check out “A Bug and A Wish” here: A Bug and A Wish

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